1907 to 1930

Connue Mangskau's photo Gallery

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Connie mangskau's Mother, Kunkaew Pakdee
Connie's Mother,
Kunkaew Pakdee
Connie mangskau's Father,
Connie's Father,
C.B. Ainslie
Aunt Bea
Connie's Sister,
Bea Frazer
Connie Mangskau's Grandmother, Nai Mae Kumao
Nai Mae Kumao
Connie mangskau's  father  CB C.B. Ainslie at Gymkana Club, Chiangmai
Connie's Father,
C.B. Ainslie
at Gymkana Club,
Elephant in Jungle
C.B. Ainslie's Encounter
With a Wild Elephant
Connie with mother and sister
Jean, Bea & Connie
Young Connie mangskau
Young Connie
Connie's Family
Connie's Family
Connie's Family w/Grandmother
Connie's Family w/Grandmother
atherine, Janette & Connie
Catherine, Janette
& Connie
1913 Post Card  Connies Husband
1913 Photo Post Card sent to
his sister, by C.B. Ainslie
From the Khoun Tan Tunnel, 1913
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